sustainable food. city-grown.

Sustainable food. City-grown.

It’s not just our vision, it’s what we deliver.

Urban Stream’s mission is to change the nature of food production for urban consumers.  Our vision is to reduce our community’s carbon footprint by producing local, sustainable food.

Urban Stream Innovation is proud to launch our zero-mile, urban micro-farm solution with our first client, Luke’s Corner Bar & Kitchen, in South Granville.

Zero-mile Diet

In 2015, new Vancouver bylaws will come into effect that will require 70% of organic food scraps be diverted away from landfills. Urban Stream offers city restaurants a timely, unique and integrated solution through our patent-pending, closed-loop system that converts organics into fresh greens, in a safe, clean, onsite, year-round micro-farm.

Join us!

We offer local restaurants an opportunity to join the urban farming movement; reduce their freight costs, pollution, and green house gas emissions, while improving their access to quality food.

Interested in learning more?  Want to tour our South Granville micro-farm? Visit our contact page to have Urban Stream contact you.