Urban Stream prototype- hydroponic garden cart

Wes and Bronwen really saved us when we were looking for a place to build our prototype hydroponic system to pair with our Heat and Nutrient Recovery(TM) Bioreactor. Since the farm wasn’t exactly ideal for the dedicated utilities and shelter we required, they graciously let me mess up their garage for many months in 2012.

Hydroponic prototype- Garage space

Not just a host, Wes jumped in for the build and played garden master on many occasions.

Hydroponic prototype- Almost done- Nick and Wes

After a few leak tests, we transplanted our first crop into hydroponic baskets with expanded clay pebbles.

Hydroponic prototype- Arugula planted

We started the run with an organic liquid nutrient solution and gradually replaced it with a worm casting tea. Using grow lights to provide the primary source of light in the garage, we were able to obtain quite significant growth using nearly pure castings tea by the end of the test.

Hydroponic prototype- Arugula and Basil

Given the sub-prime lighting in our first test, I was pleased with the visible growth of both the arugula and the basil. The real success, in my opinion was the healthy root growth. From what I’ve learned, the long white roots are a good indication that the nutrient and flow characteristics were promising.

Hydroponic prototype- root growth