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Urban Stream teams up with Luke’s Corner Bar & Kitchen!

I live just down the block from Luke’s Corner Bar & Kitchen and would often go in there at the end of the day on Fridays to wrap up my week and send final emails. Mark, the owner of Luke’s came over to me one day and asked what I was working on as he had seen something about urban farming. We chatted for a while and he seemed to be curious about both prospects of growing  greens onsite and diverting organics from his waste stream to composting.


We decided to start first by putting in a simple herb garden at the back of the restaurant to test out how it worked having local ingredients grown onsite.

Luke's Corner- Garden (before)








Clearing the Ivy was a lot of work, but we eventually got it under control and put down a layer of landscaping fabric to prevent the ivy from regrowing up into the garden. After installing the block wall, we got a cubic yard of compost-based soil delivered from Garden Pod.

Luke's Corner- Garden soil

Once the soil cooled down (it was still hot from the composting process), I planted it with hardy, drought-tolerant herbs like lavender, thyme, mint, rosemary, sage and tarragon.

Luke's Corner- Garden planted

To better understand the opportunity in diverting organics, Urban Stream was hired by Luke’s to conduct a waste audit. It involved a full waste sort to understand the composition of the waste stream by separating then weighing and measuring the volumes of organics, recyclables and actual garbage.

Luke's Corner- Waste Audit

We used the results of this study to demonstrate the composting opportunity in our final audit report. It included the results of the audit so that Luke’s would better understand the metrics of their waste management needs. We also constructed a financial summary to show how much money could be saved by composting onsite.

If you need a waste audit to understand your waste management numbers and see how composting can work for you, please contact us!


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