The Zero-Mile Diet starts here in Vancouver with Urban Stream’s Official Launch

Media Advisory

What: Urban Stream launches first commercial scale micro-farm, self contained year-round sustainable urban farming and organics diversion technology

When: Invitation only

Where: Luke’s Corner Bar and Kitchen, 2996 Granville St. (Granville and 14th)

For more information contact Wes Regan, or 604-805-3591.

Urban Stream is a food systems technology start up that since 2009 has been developing a suite of technologies and services to help Vancouver’s food system become the most sustainable and resilient one in the world. This February will be the launch of the company’s first fully functioning commercial scale unit housed behind Luke’s Corner Bar and Kitchen on South Granville.

Urban Stream’s Micro-Farm is filling a major gap in urban food system infrastructure by offering a district scale solution for food scraps diversion and safe, clean, sustainable year-round organic food production. The technology employs classic organic agriculture practices but arranges them in a condensed system ideally suited for urban or remote environments. Often referred to as bio-mimicry, this type of system replicates the natural process of nutrient extraction and exchange that traditional organic farms have relied on for thousands of years through a novel network of vermiculture and hydroponics all within a re-purposed shipping container. With new bylaws coming into effect in 2015 requiring commercial properties like restaurants to divert up to 80% of their organic food scraps waste away from landfills Urban Stream’s timing is perfect. Luke’s is the first restaurant to house one of these units and after the demonstration a brief catered reception will be held inside.

If you are interested in knowing more about this event or Urban Stream in general please contact: