By Kate

City of Vancouver Approves Urban Stream’s Latest Micro-farm

Though Urban Stream is leaning much more towards our composting technology these days, we have a microfarming project on the go with Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company. Rocky Mountain bought our Urban Microfarm container a little over a year ago. And a little less than a year ago, the City of Vancouver issued a stop work order on that project due to a neighbour’s complaint.

Despite the city issuing the stop work order, they were really eager to get us up and running. We worked closely with the city to get the unit up to the city’s code. Because the City of Vancouver had never seen a project like our Microfarm, so we had to work with them to figure out which building codes we have to abide by. Ultimately, we had to change the roof on the micro-farm, upgrade the electrical and seismically anchor the shipping container to ensure that if a big earthquake hits, the container won’t budge.

This week, after the container was inspected by the engineer and our friendly-neighbourhood building inspector, the retrofits were approved! We are so happy to have gotten to this point after almost a year of retrofitting and working with the city. Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company has been so wonderfully patient with us and the city, and we couldn’t be happier to have them as a flagship customer.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be outfitting the micro-farm with our second generation worm composter and Lifespace Projects’ self-watering planter boxes and in no time at all you’ll be able to enjoy Urban Stream’s fresh greens on Rocky Mountain’s delicious flatbread pizzas.

To learn more about how this all came about, listen to Urban Stream founder, Nick Hermes, on CBC’s The Early Edition and Spark with Nora Young.

Urban Stream on CBC Spark

Urban Stream founder, Nick Hermes, is being interviewed on CBC Spark today! You can tune in to hear Nick talk about the slightly new direction Urban Stream is taking and how our composting techology can help your restaurant, business or institution. Nick talk’s to Nora Young about Vancouver’s organics ban, which came into place in January 2015. The city has given everyone until July 2015, to comply with the new bylaw. Have a listen, to find out what this means for Urban Stream!


Urban Stream on The Early Edition

Urban Stream was on The Early Edition with Rick Cluff today! Nick Hermes talks about how we are working with the city to get our micro-farming projects properly permitted by the city. Our customer, Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company, is also interviewed talking about how the process has been for them.

You can listen to the interview below, or by visiting CBC’s The Early Edition.