By Nick

Putting the final touches on the Luke’s Micro-farm

After deciding that we wanted to do a public launch in conjunction with Luke’s, we really had to put on the steam to finish in time. Everybody came out to help. Here is Wes painting the container with Derek, an investor in Urban Stream, who lent a hand to make sure we finished in time.

Luke's Corner- Micro-farm painting

After painting, the logos went on the container: our own, Luke’s Corner and Vancity. Vancity provided a significant portion of the cash for the build after we placed third  in their Good Money Impact Venture Challenge.

Luke's Corner- Micro-farm painted and Logos applied

A huge thank you to everybody that helped out, especially Kate, Craig, Tory,Grant, Devon, Wes, Matthew, Gord, Derek and Nathan, I couldn’t have done it without you all!