Organics Ban in Metro Vancouver

Even though Metro Vancouver has been planning the Organics Ban for years, many businesses are still struggling to find adequate solutions and many are only learning of the ban now.

The Basics

On January 1, 2015, all 21 municipalities in Metro Vancouver implemented an Organics Disposal Ban that requires all food scraps and other compostable waste to be separated from their regular garbage stream.

What this means to you:

You will need to separate all compostables out of the regular garbage and either pay to have it hauled away to a composting facility for an additional service fee or implement an onsite composting program.

How the ban will be enforced:

Your regular hauler picks up mixed garbage and takes it to a transfer station where it will be inspected for organic content. Loads that are identified as having over 25% organic content will see their tipping fees doubled. These extra fees will be passed on to their customers (you) as increased service prices.

When this will affect you:

Right now we are in the “Education period” where businesses are encouraged to plan their composting program. Fines won’t be implemented until July 1, 2015.

Timetable taken from Metro Vancouver:

Source: Metro Vancouver

Useful links

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